Your Child at Heart, Your Family in Mind.

I'd rather entertain and hope that something is learned, than educate
and hope they were entertained

- Walt Disney

Brand Pillars and Strategy Visual

Bidayaat knows the importance of bringing a vision to life and has aligned its mission with the four main objectives of Vision 2021. We share in creating a United Arab Emirates that is United in Knowledge, Destiny, Prosperity and Responsibility.

We perceive this as a  ‘Shared Value’ – This includes sharing and contributing resources and knowledge with our patrons, partners and community leaders for the ultimate benefit of the nation and society at large.

We embrace the presence of special strengths and core competencies to achieve this ‘Shared Value’ through:    

  • Expertise  We use our expertise and creativity to deliver outstanding learning experiences    
  • Relationships  We are community–minded and demonstrate tolerance, respect and transparency in all relationships    
  • Passion and Drive  We demonstrate the vision, courage and determination to make something extraordinary happen    
  • Responsibility  We commit to sharing the benefits of our endeavours for the greater good

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