Your Child at Heart, Your Family in Mind.

If everyone is moving forward together,
then success takes care of itself.

- Henry Ford

Our Team

The Bidayaat team is committed to delivering a familycentered approach to child development through leading-edge curricula and innovative age-appropriate learning methodologies.

Bidayaat has hands on experience gathered from its multi-faceted skilled experts, and from its purposefully-designed and developed pre school -  The Kensington Nursery.

These strengths support Bidayaat’s collaborative approach in crafting innovative childcare development initiatives across the UAE and beyond.

Bidayaat has a deep understanding of child development that is that is fed by our expert management team which prides itself in being:

  • Wise | knowledgeable, experienced, far-sighted
  • Nurturing | supportive, facilitative, engaged
  • Inspiring | energised, imaginative, innovative
  • Approachable | welcoming, interested, open-minded
  • Dynamic | entrepreneurial, driven, flexible


Badr Al-Olama



He kicked off his ‘beginnings’ at the UAE University and graduated with a Masters in Law from Harvard Law School, before joining Mubadala Development Company in 2005.

Badr has overseen the exciting development of Nibras, the Al Ain Aerospace Park, and is the CEO of Mubadala’s manufacturing business, Strata. This is a world-class facility that is the first of its kind in the Middle East, producing aircraft parts for both Airbus and Boeing. These achievements complement Badr’s life intention and professional commitment to help nurture and strengthen social sustainability across the UAE. He believes that childcare development is at the heart of this, and so Bidayaat was born.Bidayaat not only represents Badr’s entrepreneurial spirit but also his ability to sense the future, recognise needs, and make things happen.

Youssef Mestari

Board Member


Before joining the company, Youssef was a Junior Associate Partner with a top leading consulting firm McKinsey & Company where he stayed 6 years. His experience has been mainly focused on operation excellence, customer experience and go to market strategy related topics.

Relevant experience includes:

Supporting a leading bank in the GCC to enhance their customer experience across all segments from end to end. This included defining new organizational structure, setting up the appropriate monitoring and management tools, redesigning processes and adapting infrastructure capabilities. In addition, operation pilot was setup including staff trainings and capabilities building.

Developing the strategy of a financial hub in North Africa including structuring deals, establishing strategic partnership, setting up doing business enablers.

Education/prior work experience

Youssef worked as marketing project manager at SFR, a major mobile operator in France for 4 years.

He holds an MSc with a major in applied physics from Ecole Normale Supérieure and an MSc with a major in mobile communication from TelecomParistech, 2 leading engineering universities in Paris, France. Youssef also studied at MIT, Massachusetts, USA, where he was a research assistant at the Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT, USA.

Youssef is fluent in English, French and Arabic.

Ezette Grauf

Director of Education


Education is Ezette.

Her self-confessed lifelong passion for learning and development has meant that education is the constant companion on her professional and personal life journey.Ezette achieved a Research Masters of Education in Early Childhood while also bagging a Bachelor of Arts, Linguistics and Literature, double major, and numerous complementary diplomas as she travelled up the education ladder, from teacher to principal, and everything in between.

Before Bidayaat, Ezette worked for UAE-based government-led education councils. Her extensive remit included the design and management of teaching and assessment practices, curriculum development, as well as teacher training and development, across more than 300 schools.

Her focus is the pre-school and primary sector, and recent years have seen her design the first-ever early childhood degree course. Indeed, Ezette has been accurately described as a scholar and now brings this passion and expertise to Bidayaat.

Hassan Al-Juaidi

HR Manager


Hassan has truly embraced the world of people possibilities since his first foray into Human Resource Management a decade ago.

He was born and educated in the UAE, and by self-admission is curious by nature. Indeed, his wide-span of interests has influenced his career journey in small and large enterprises across an eclectic mix of sectors including Insurance, Motorsport and Information Technology.

Hassan is passionate about bridging people and organsiations through the marrying of shared values and ambition. His own intention lies in supporting, understanding, and encouraging others to achieve values alignment and business excellence.

A perfect match, as at Bidayaat too, values and actions go hand-in-hand.

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