Your Child at Heart, Your Family in Mind.

Social sustainability requires commitment
to the provision of today's societal needs,
for tomorrow's generations

- Badr Al-Olama

Who We Are

Bidayaat is a leading childcare development company providing investment, consultancy and business development support to organisations, individuals and initiatives engaged in early years education across the UAE, and beyond.  

We hold a passionate belief that enriching early year's experiences for children will transform their lives such that they positively impact their families, the community and society at large.

Bidayaat, which means beginnings, has honed and nurtured a compelling yet relevant expertise in holistic child development initiatives that deliver an outstanding experience for children, parents and pre-school educators.

Join us in our quest to make world-class development programmes available to all children in the UAE, helping them to become happy, healthy and contributing national and global citizens.



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